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Hello, my name’s Tracey and I am a freelance SEO writer. I enjoy writing quality content readers and search engines love.

My passion is engaging and influencing people through my writing. I love helping people anyway I can and I look forward to speaking with you.

Here are 6 reasons we should work together:

  1. English is my first language. I was born in Canada and lived in Calgary, Alberta for most of my life. I now travel with my family.
  2. I am diligent in my research and work hard to create high quality content.
  3. I can write about anything because of extensive practice researching unfamiliar topics for my career in business.
  4. I specialize in self-help, lifestyle, travel and business industries.I belong to the Professional Travel Bloggers Association and have 20 years’ experience in business and management.
  5. My specialties include influencing and developing teams to be successful and profitable through writing and coaching.
  6. I am personal, honest and driven.

Feel free to check out some of my writing samples.