Over the last week, I’ve covered common mistakes people make using Pinterest for Business on my Facebook page. I highlighted one mistake each day and thought they all deserved a little more explaining. So here goes!

Mistake #1: Using A Personal Account Instead of a Business Account

Pinterest for Business- Common Mistakes People Make Using Pinterest for Business

Pinterest requires you to use a business account if you plan to do business on Pinterest. This includes not only selling products but also promoting your brand or website or doing any type of business. A huge bonus to using a business account is you get access to analytics and promoted pins.

Pinterest Analytics are what you need to measure your marketing efforts on Pinterest. They give you valuable insights into how people on Pinterest feel and respond to your Pins. You can see which Pins your audience loves, what they save from your website, and learn more about what your customers really want.

Pinterest Analytics shows you which Pins people love and how much traffic is flowing from Pinterest to your website. You’ll have access to metrics that show important information about the people that engage with your business and learn about other things that interest them. Important stats, and demographics all free for you with a Pinterest for Business Account.

Promoted Pins are the same as regular Pins, the only difference is you pay to have them seen by more people. These Pins (ads) perform as well, if not much better than your other regular Pins, helping people discover, save, and buy the things they’re looking for on Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest stats show 1 out of 2 people, have made a purchase after seeing a Promoted Pin!

Brands on Pinterest use Promoted Pins to achieve a whole range of marketing goals, from building brand awareness to increasing in-store sales. The bottom line is Promoted Pins pay off.  An Oracle Data Cloud study revealed that they drive 5 times greater in-store sales than ads on other social media platforms. The study also showed more engaged Pinners are even more likely to have strong buying behavior. People who engage with Promoted Pins are 12% more likely to be buyers of that brand. That’s pretty incredible, isn’t it?

A Pinterest Business Account is a MUST if You Want to Use Pinterest to Market Your Brand

You need a Pinterest Business account if you want to effectively market your product or service and measure your marketing success on Pinterest. You don’t have access to any marketing insights or tools with a regular Pinterest Account. If you’re a business that’s set up your Pinterest Account as a regular account, not a Business Account don’t worry. You can switch it over without losing any of your Pins.

This is #1 in a series of common mistakes people make using Pinterest for business. Check out 6 more to come soon! If you need help with your Pinterest account check out my list of Pinterest Services. I could help you avoid making some of these costly mistakes.