More businesses are starting to realize a business account for Pinterest is a great place to promote products and services. But a lot of those business owners, maybe even you, just don’t think they have time to learn what it takes to be successful on this truly unique social platform.

Pinterest is known for being time consuming. And, for being complicated to manage effectively.

There are right ways and wrong ways to run a Pinterest business account. Running your account the right way can lead to exposure to hundreds of if not hundreds of thousands of new potential customers and drive quality traffic to your website. Running it the wrong way can lead to a lot of time and money spent with virtually nothing to show for it.

Getting off to a good start as a business on Pinterest can be easier than you might think. Having the right tool to market your business on the platform can make a huge difference to your success. If you want to learn how to use Pinterest for marketing without spending tons of time and money to do it, there is one thing that can help you run your Pinterest business account the right way.

That tool is Tailwind!

Here’s why it’s the only app you need to market and grow your Pinterest business account.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a Pinterest partner and their main goal is to help people grow their Pinterest accounts. They have done scads of research and collected important statistical information that subscribers can use to see what works for their Pinterest accounts and what doesn’t. They also help people publish pins at peak pinning times. 

The biggest draw of Tailwind is its scheduling tool. All of these aspects; learning what works for meeting your goals on Pinterest, knowing the best times to publish your content, and scheduling pins to pin to your account consistently are all so important when getting started on Pinterest. 

The bottom line is Tailwind will make managing Pinterest and finding success on the platform easier for businesses in the long run!

How Will Tailwind Help my Social Presence on Pinterest?

Put simply, Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler that delivers target driven content to your audience at the right times of the day when your audience is most engaged, with minimal cost and time from you.

While you could always do this manually, this can be very time consuming. And, it can be difficult to track what content is most engaging to your followers. You end up with a bunch of spreadsheets and numbers that you need to fill in and work out. Not to mention this is precious time that you could be spending improving other aspects of your business or brand.

With Tailwind, there is no need to set time aside each day adding new Pins, trying to work out what your followers want to see and when is the best time to post. Tailwind does this all for you. Once you are up and running you can check in once a week and spend your time on more valuable activities like runnung your buiness and growing your brand.

See how to make the most of Tailwind scheduling by watching this how-to video.

Will Tailwind Increase Followers or Engagement? 

I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to marketing tools. Many claim to raise your follower count with little effort from you, but it is hardly useful to increase traffic to your blog or business if you are gaining followers with no real interest in your brand or content.

There are many gimmicks online to increase the number of followers to your Pinterest and Instagram accounts that seem relatively no fuss. Some low brow companies sell followers to increase that almighty following count which might seem like a quick easy solution, but as highlighted by Lois Freail, Head of Social Media and Content at Ecrubox Digital, “Vanity Metrics” such as followers, page views and likes, are not a good way to measure the impact of your social media efforts. Instead, you should focus on engagement and conversions. Those likes and Re-Pins from followers with friends who have similar interests can be far more valuable than simply raising your follower count.

Of course, there is value in having lots of followers. More followers mean more exposure, that’s a no brainer, but increasing the right kind of followers is what actually creates meaningful growth and trust in your brand. This is how good marketing is done!

How Does Tailwind Help With Marketing on Pinterest

The scheduling feature is a handy tool that lets you prepare posts ahead of time, it can alert you if you have already posted content before and allow you to arrange pins (via drag and drop) in a visually appealing and sales inspiring way, but how will this increase following and interest in your brand?

Here are the top reasons why I love using the Tailwind scheduling tool:

  • It uses analytics to optimize the type of content you post, making your Pins more engaging for your audience at the right times.
  • The tool discovers related content that you can repin increasing your brand exposure and your S.E.O. on Pinterest.
  • The app monitors activity such as engagement, likes and repins and sends you regular performance updates so you can see how your account is tracking.
  • Tailwind Tribes connect you with other like-minded influencers and can gain you more views and followers for those interested in your content.

What are Tailwind Tribes and How Can They Help my Brand? 

There are around 4000+ Tailwind Tribes you can connect with to meet other influencers sharing similar content to you. Collaborating with them is a unique feature of this tool, meaning you can harness greater exposure through mutual sharing of content and gaining more views to your pins and followers interested in the content you share.

As mentioned before, the value of audience-centered marketing can make all the difference because it gains followers interested in your brand, not just bots that will have no real impact on furthering you and the content you work hard on to put out there.

According to a Hubspot report, 71% of consumers are more likely to make purchases based on social media referrals. When someone re-pins or likes something you share that is effectively advertising your content to everyone in that person’s circle saying this is something I like, trust or recommend.

You can use lots of different pricey advertising methods, but one of the most impressive marketing tools you can use is getting exposure from people who will gain you a loyal and meaningful following. This is one unique reason why joining a Tailwind Tribe works and why so many people love this tool to further their brand.

See what other Tailwind users think of Tailwind Tribes by watching this short video and how they use it to forward their brand.

What is SmartLoop and How Will it Help With Pinterest Scheduling? 

One great feature of Tailwind is the SmartLoop function. It recognizes your best-performing pins and recirculates that content for you creating the buzz you want around your brand.

With SmartLoop there is no need to spend hours trying to work out what pins were your best performers. It will calculate this and import pins to the boards you choose to increase your following and engagement.

Additionaly, there is the “seasonal loop” function. It let’s you run loops for season specific content during relevant months of the year. So no matter the season your audience is getting content relevant to them when they want to see it.

SmartLoop can help you re-share your best content on Pinterest.

So how do I get started and how much is it?

Plans vary in price depending on a variety of things. The Tailwind Pro plan costs $15 monthly. Or, you can save yourself 33% by paying for an entire year which is $119.88.

Free with the Pro plan your entitled to 30 Tailwind Community submissions and 250 Smartloop postings. If you find you’re loving Tailwind Community and SmartLoop, upgrades can be purchased for each. Pro, Max, and Unlimited upgrades cost $7.49, $14.99, or $44.99 per month as well.

These upgrades increase your community submissions to 80 for the Pro, 200 for the Max, and unlimited for the top tier. For Smartloop it’s up to 500 postings for the Pro, 1000 postings for the Max, and unlimited for the top tier.

Want to give the free trial a go first? Even if you’re pretty sure you’ll love Tailwind, the free trial is an option to start. It allows you to schedule up to 20 posts at no cost before you commit to signing up.